The Birth of K.Lorayne Apparel

The Birth of K.Lorayne Apparel
A look into K.Lorayne Apparel is a look into the story and universal message of its lead designer
and creative director. Krystle or simply, KLo, a third-generation seamstress and the daughter of
Lisa Lorayne, a visionary whose keen eye for detail and thrift savinness inspired today’s brand
and philosophy:
Versatile simplicity is not only sophisticated but essential to every woman’s wardrobe.
Through her creative lens and patient hands, Krystle’s focus is to fill your closet with custom
essentials and occasion based luxuries that evoke your confidence in style and life. You are
lighthearted, easygoing, with infectious authenticity. Essentially, a woman who knows what she
wants; the common denominator in every KLo collection.
Each design named after a woman of her lineage and sisterhood, Krystle conceptualizes her art
from a mindset of accessibility, rawness, inclusivity, diversity and love. Timeless fashion
produced from staple pieces that make the clear statement: Less is More. And
More is being Confident in KLo. Let’s Get Dressed.

Inspired in 1988. Manifested in 2012, K.Lorayne Apparel is Lisa’s legacy and Krystle’s purpose.

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  • Bridgette on

    Good morning, you have amazing pieces. I have a wedding to attend in August and I have my eye on the metallic bronze dress.

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